A downloadable game for Windows

Unreal Spring Jam 2020 submission

Team Name: Dazvolt
Team Members email: dazvolt@gmail.com

This game was created by me during Unreal Spring Jam 2020 as a solo developer in 5 days.


You start as a survivor during plane crash in mountains. Snow everywhere, nature is harsh, and you must find the way through. Find out mystery story behind this game. "What is hidden in snow comes forth in the thaw". 

Additional notes:

I'm also happy to announce that after game submission and overall reaction I've decided to make this small game to a full experience! I've gathered a team of people and now we are developing full version of this game!

We have created a website where you can check out upcoming updates: http://payara.games/beyondthethaw/

Link to gameplay footage:

Install instructions

Download file, unzip and enjoy :)


Dazvolt_BeyondTheThaw 1 GB
Version 4 Jun 08, 2020

Development log


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Pretty enjoyable game. I can't wait to see the full game when its ready.


What are the lowest required specs?

This game looks awesome!
I like the atmosphere and the mystery all around it, really nice job!

Watch the Gameplay for fun

I was a little confused because I was playing on my crap top but I will play it again in the future (I play it at the end of the video)

Deleted 95 days ago

its me playing the game, thats how the creator gets their game out and other people that like the game go see the video maker

I featured this in my video (starts at 11:17)


I had a hard time at the wolf but it was fun.


This is an amazing prologue to this game! so many questions and mystery as to why he's there and other things as well. Excited to see the improvements and the full game!


Amazing game i loved it! Congrats!


Great game man.

I liked that this game had cutscenes and it looked great. Are you planning on adding more or expanding on this idea? I would love to play more maybe you could do something like his son grows up and goes to the same place to look for his remains. Overall I loved it!

Here is my video:

Thank you! Yes I plan on expanding this idea, currently I work with a team on it :)

That was great. I would like more plot and location. Will it continue ? Well done!!!

Yes! This game will continue! I already gathered team and we are working on it :)

hey I have a laptop with amd 520,8gb ram and i5 7th generation,will it run?

Hello! Yes it should work fine, you can also tweak settings in game if fps is not very good.

hmm idk why i don't can't download it why?

Hello, try to do it from jam page, maybe itch blocked downloads on this page? https://itch.io/jam/2020-unreal-spring-jam/rate/666391

ok thx